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hebergement ecologie ardeche

Ecological camping in Ardèche

Our environmental commitment

Ecology is part of our sustainable commitment to the planet. For the ecology, we work daily on our scale to combine harmony of nature and reception of customers.

At the beginning of the Ranchisses camping, there was agricultural land worked with reason and passion; and it is this same passion that animates our achievements today, reason aside.

Within the camping, recycling is facilitated thanks to the sorting of waste with bins for selective sorting and an awareness of all our customers on their arrival on site with the distribution of a renewable bag for this purpose.

Waste management also includes the elimination of plastic straws and other single-use plastic holders in the bar.

The majority of trips within the camping are made by car and electric bicycle.

Our actions in place

Water is an essential and fragile resource in the South Ardèche, so the camping is committed to using water-saving installations (water-saving shower heads, press buttons, etc.) and recent installations to anticipate the risks of leaks. Swimming shorts are not allowed in swimming pools because they are more polluting.

To save energy, the thermal insulation of all buildings is carefully inspected and upgraded when necessary, solar panels heat the outdoor pools, all LED light bulbs and building openings are optimised to allow as much natural light as possible.

Purchases are also made in a responsible way, we work as soon as we can with local actors for the restaurant, the bar but also for our new constructions

camping panneaux solaires ardeche