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An original idea

Once upon a time, in the heart of the Cévennes Ardéchoises, a story that logically began in 1981 with a quest for agricultural diversity.

Paul Chevalier and his wife Arlette ran a multi-cultural farm like many others in the Ardèche, and naturally decided to give diversity a new lease of life by creating a natural camping area, offering twenty-five pitches for nature lovers.

An unexpected success

Their plan is to anchor this new challenge in a responsible, sustainable economy. This was the start of an unusual adventure, which gave their son Philippe the opportunity to set up on the farm after completing his agricultural studies.

For the first few years, Paul and Arlette were on hand to support this new generation, while leaving Véronique and Philippe room for new investment and management ideas.

Paul rises early and bakes pastries for the campers’ grocery store, while Arlette prepares country bouquets to grace the restaurant tables.

Today, the story continues to unfold, shaped with respect and dedication. Paul still finds happiness in tending his garden on the other side of the river.

What he loves most of all is chatting with holidaymakers, sharing his story and listening to theirs. And his greatest joy is the laughter of his great-grandchildren, Jeanne, Héloïse, Violette, Paul and Léon, running and playing around the campsite.

Over the decades, Les Ranchisses has flourished. They’ve earned prestigious stars, transformed old farmhouses into luxurious gîtes, created a wellness area, and much more.

The past of this place reflects a commitment to creating a friendly environment, where the past blends with the present for a promising future.

A family adventure

Today, Philippe Chevalier and his wife Véronique carry the torch of this extraordinary family adventure. They continue to develop the estate, while preserving the values and passion that drive it.

Behind the scenes, each member of the family contributes to the edifice, because here, it’s out of sight, but close to the heart. Three generations work hand in hand to ensure that this precious heritage lives on. Véronique and Philippe’s daughters, along with their sons-in-law, contribute to making Les Ranchisses a place where the warmth of the welcome and the passion of the family are at the heart of every visit.

A precious heritage

Thank you for your trust and your commitment to us.

We are delighted to welcome you to Les Ranchisses, to share with each of you a moment in our history that will build yours for the duration of your stay.

Each chapter is written thanks to our guests, thanks to you.