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With its exceptional range of outdoor activities, the Ardèche is an ideal destination for a memorable stag party. Thrill-seeking leisure activities promise the groom-to-be an adrenaline rush before the big jump.

On land, in the air or in the water, head for the Ardèche to find the best activities for a stag party 100% sensations, to share with friends before the big day!

Motorised leisure activities

The perfect way to spend a good time with friends and to enjoy speed and the great outdoors, motorised leisure activities are available in many forms in the Ardèche.


Opt for a go-kart race on the Karting Ardèche tracks 15 minutes from the Ranchisses domain if you want to spice up the day with a competitive atmosphere.


A quad ride will allow you to enjoy the wide open spaces and the magnificent natural landscapes of the Ardèche: just a few minutes from the reception rooms of Les Ranchisses, Offroad Aventure offers quad and buggy rides on 25 hectares of private land.

Racing car

For even more thrills, don’t hesitate to call on a driving school such as the one at the Saint-Brès circuit: an opportunity to make your stag party unforgettable thanks to a baptism on the track.

Team games

Less adrenaline but a lot of fun: this is a choice you can make for a friendly stag party with a good atmosphere. Some group games are perhaps still to be discovered by the groom:


The lasergame with Megazone Aubenas or Lasergame Ardèche will give you the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of an assault group and to establish your attack or defence strategy, all without getting hurt!


Paintball with Ardèche Bio Paintball or Game Adventure Camp, it’s also the possibility to be like Rambo and to shoot rabbits at the groom! Be careful, it stings a bit!

Tree climbing

The accrobranche at Vals Aventure or at the Forêt de l’Aventure is a great choice to make fun of a friend who is afraid of heights, to have an obstacle course competition or simply to have a good time in the trees!

In the air and in the air

The relief of the Ardèche is of course particularly suited to aerial leisure activities and vertiginous activities. A perfect idea for a day that the groom will remember no matter what!

Baptism of the air

Depending on the habits and stamina of the person concerned, this can take the form of a simple first flight with Loisirs Sud Ardèche, which offers microlight, autogyro and biplane flights.

Paragliding or skydiving

The same service provider, only 30 minutes from Les Ranchisses, also offers paragliding and parachute jumps: enough to get your adrenaline going!

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is another idea of sensational activity to propose to a future groom : Cap liberty proposes it at about 1h30 from the Ranchisses reception area.


For a stag party between heaven and earth, think of climbing. There are many offers in the Ardèche: the via ferrata of the Pont du Diable, Cimes et Canyons, Gecco Aventures or Grimpeo propose various formulas in exceptional settings.

Wet ideas for a memorable stag party

There are many white water sports in the Ardèche. Because they combine team spirit, an exceptional environment and sensations, they are perfect activities for a successful stag party.


Canyoning is a must, offered around Les Ranchisses by Ardèche Équilibre, Cimes et Canyons, Gecco Aventures, la base de la Besorgues, or Face Sud/canyoning Ardèche.

Canoeing and kayaking

A few steps from the Ardèche gorges and Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, a descent by canoe or kayak is of course a must: Argonautes, Easy River, Balazuc Loisirs, Arcabal Canoë or Cap 07 can organise for you a memorable descent with rapids in the heart of sublime landscapes. 

And if the groom wishes to celebrate his wedding in the Ardèche, he will find the ideal reception room at the Ferme des Ranchisses!  

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