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Bachelorette party idea

Are you looking for an original idea to organise an unforgettable hen party? Let us inspire you with 10 ideas for unusual activities that will make your day a success.

An escape-game with friends

The number of escape-game sites has multiplied in recent years, and the themes are now very varied. Offer the bride-to-be an hour of laughter or thrills in your company! Some escape-games are now even held outdoors, in the form of a life-size investigation or a virtual reality adventure. An idea to be adapted according to the season!

A day in the studio

Recording one or more songs under professional conditions is an original idea, not only for music lovers.

If this is her dream, the bride can of course record her own songs with your support.

But it is also possible to do the activity as a group, with the result being a collective song as an unforgettable souvenir of this unusual day!

A sensational activity

Choose an outdoor leisure activity or an extreme sport to make this bachelorette party a memorable event and surprise your friend.

In the air, it can be a first flight, a paragliding flight, a hot air balloon ride or a parachute jump.

For an unforgettable day of fun and fellowship, consider a canoe trip, an afternoon of canyoning, or climbing and caving.

Relaxation and well-being at the spa

Is your friend stressed before the big day?

Show her that you are thinking of her by organising a day dedicated to relaxation and well-being: book a complete package of treatments and massages for the bride-to-be at a spa, and end the day together in a whirlpool!

An adventurous day

If the bride-to-be loves challenges, nature activities and outdoor recreation, offer her an original survival experience getaway.

Experience a weekend in the great outdoors in conditions worthy of Koh Lanta! You can organise the trip yourself or use the services of organisers who specialise in treks, bivouacs and survival courses.

An evening of luxury

Do you want to mark the event with a bit of bling bling, with glitter, luxury and jet-setter privileges? Go all out with a limousine, a private concert, or even the privatisation of a karaoke bar!

A DIY workshop or course

Workshops that offer an introduction to an art or craft are flourishing. They are usually organised in small groups of 4 to 8 people and are particularly suitable for hen parties.

The themes are very varied: for a few hours, a day or more depending on the formula, the DIY courses invite you to work alongside a professional to brew your own beer, build your own barrel organ, learn basketry, create jewellery or learn to make pottery.

A meal at a gourmet table

A dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant should delight a gourmet bride-to-be!

An experience that many food and flavour lovers dream of, a meal at the table of a great name in gastronomy promises an unforgettable moment of sharing and pleasure before the big day. A perfect activity to share with friends!

A show or event

Whether it’s the French Open final for tennis fans, a concert by Indochine or a performance of La Traviata at the Garnier Opera House, you can tailor your surprise to your friend’s tastes and dreams: this is an activity that can be planned in advance, but which promises to be a nice surprise, especially if you opt for box seats or VIP boxes.

Discovering oenology

Does the bride-to-be like great wines? Why not organise a visit to a cellar in a beautiful wine region, or a trip from one estate to another? Oenology courses can help her refine her nose and palate.

Other similar formulas exist around spirits or gastronomy: cocktail creation workshops or cooking classes with a great chef! 

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