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10 entertainment ideas for your wedding

You have found the perfect wedding venue, the perfect caterer and your invitations are already on their way? Then it’s time to think about your wedding entertainment! Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A video about the bride and groom

A must for all weddings, the projection of the retrospective video of the life of the bride and groom is one of the most emotional events. Funny anecdotes, touching messages to both members of the couple, beautiful memories linking the witnesses and the guests to the two lovebirds… Each guest will be able to evoke pieces of life spent with you, sometimes since your first steps. Moving moments, filled with tenderness, but also gentle teasing and laughter will be the order of the day. A nice way to show their affection for you while making your stage fright disappear.

An atypical guestbook

At a wedding, it is customary to leave a note for the bride and groom and to sign a guest book. Why not break with tradition? Choose originality and suggest to your guests that they give free rein to their creativity by drawing or writing on a large album or on a giant canvas. The inscriptions left on it will leave you with a wonderful souvenir. If you feel like it, you can hang this personalised work of art on the wall of your living room by choosing a beautiful frame beforehand.

A beautiful memory tree

The “fingerprint tree” is a creative and perfect idea to keep a great souvenir of your wedding. The principle: one of the guests draws a giant tree on a large sheet of paper, A1 or 2. On the day of the wedding, the drawing is displayed in the reception area and ink pads are made available to everyone. Each guest can make a colourful imprint at the end of the branches. In the end, a beautiful tree will emerge, brightened up with many leaves. Instead of a tree, you can also draw a hot air balloon and leave prints that represent balloons.

The “confessional”

The choice of the wedding reception hall is very important for this event. The room must be large enough for you to have a small corner. The guests can discreetly slip in for a few minutes to make a personal statement to the bride and groom. Don’t hesitate to leave them various accessories such as funny masks, fancy glasses, disguises or make-up to play with the camera. After the wedding, you can edit a video with the different messages. A unique and emotional souvenir.

The limbo dance

This dance is inspired by the agility game of the same name, which is widely practiced on the African continent. In turn, each guest contorts himself or herself to music in order to pass under a long horizontal bar without touching it. It is forbidden to use one’s hands and one must keep one’s chest facing upwards! Anyone who touches the pole or the ground with his or her hands is eliminated. Once everyone has passed, the bar is lowered and the game starts again until there is only one winner left.

The legendary garter game

The traditional garter game is a very famous and daring one, in which the male guests put money in a dedicated basket so that the bride reveals her legs a little more with each note. The women, on the other hand, pay for the bride to lower her dress! The aim is to get a glimpse of the bride’s garter. The game has a big advantage: the bride and groom can use the money to finance their honeymoon.

The bride and groom test

Back to back, the bride and groom are equipped with a small sign saying “She” and “I” for the groom and “He” and “I” for the bride. These signs are used to answer twenty or so successive amusing questions about different situations or about what the bride and groom think of each other. For example: “Who grumbles the most?”, “Who is the most enterprising in intimacy?” or “Who cleans the house? Funny moments guaranteed!

The calf blind test

While one of the guests blindfolds the bride, the groom and his groomsmen sit behind her. They then roll up their trousers to their calves and the game can begin. The bride turns around and has to feel each other’s calves to find out which ones belong to her sweetheart. A good idea to see if the bride recognises the man of her life without seeing him! This animation is sure to guarantee laughter, good humour and a good atmosphere at your wedding party!

Cinderella’s shoe

The aim of the game is to get all the guests dancing on the dance floor. Each female guest places a shoe on the dance floor. The men then choose one at random and have to find their Cinderella to dance in! The ideal way to lighten the atmosphere and encourage as many people as possible to join the dance floor. It is also a good opportunity to encourage guests who did not necessarily know each other before the wedding to meet. To make the game more fun, discreetly arrange for one extra man. The man without a shoe will get a prize!

A blind tasting of local spirits

Here is a fun and interesting animation that will be appreciated by your guests: a tasting of beers or wines made by the producers of the region. Blindfold your friends and invite them to guess the subtleties and flavours of the different drinks they taste. Form teams. The winners will go home with a bottle of wine. If you have the opportunity, have the labels of the bottles personalised with your name and the date of your wedding. This will make the tasting even more convivial.

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