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How to successfully decorate a car for your wedding?

Decorating the traditional broom wagon

Do you know the broom wagon? It first appeared in a cycling competition and closed the way to help runners in difficulty. It plays the same role on your wedding day by closing the procession of guests. This is to ensure that the guests arrive at their destination without getting lost on their way from the ceremony venue to the reception hall where the party is to take place. 

The broom wagon should therefore be easy to spot at a glance by your guests. Some people decorate it with brooms that are supposed to represent the bride and groom so that they are clearly visible. In the past, a mannequin of the bride could be added to the back of the car. The decoration of the car adds a touch of fun to the procession, with colourful ribbons and various accessories.

Customise your wedding car

Today, brooms have tended to be replaced by the traditional American “Just married” signs. The decoration of the wedding car of the newlyweds can include other signs where they write their two first names. It can also include messages such as “Long live the bride and groom” or the date of the wedding. Personalise as much as possible, the main thing is that the written message is the one that suits you best. 

Don’t hesitate to arrange floral arrangements such as a beautiful wreath of roses at the back to embellish your coach. Balloons, ribbons, decorative and humorous objects: the choice is wide to decorate your vehicle. You can also choose to draw on the windows or stick stickers on them. You can easily find wedding car decoration kits such as pre-punched boxes to buy. These are reminiscent of the famous tin can garlands to hang behind the bride and groom’s car.

Decorate the motorcade to make it memorable

For a festive procession, use homemade or not homemade pompoms, pretty ribbons, colourful balloons or bows to decorate each car. Carefully decorate the bonnet with a harmonious floral arrangement and tulle decorations. Decorate the mirrors and door handles with bows and bouquets. Also decorate the bumper with pompoms to give it a touch of colour. 

The vehicles of the guests are not left out. Decorations are useful to avoid getting lost on the road before arriving at the reception venue. They must therefore be decorated in a way that is worthy of the name, whatever the theme of your wedding (romantic, country, black and white, whatever!). 

Don’t forget to coordinate with colours that match your wedding theme, for a harmoniously decorated motorcade. The procession contributes to the success of the wedding. It will be noticed, an opportunity to attract the attention of other cars on the road to share a moment of fun. Drive along the road to the reception venue with a concert of happy horns.

Wedding car decoration: the ideal way to amaze your guests

A unique and magical day, make it even more unforgettable. Your wedding is an opportunity to amaze your guests. After having dazzled them with the decoration of your car, it is time to take their breath away with your wedding reception area. This must be an exceptional place because it is there that you will open the ball! 

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