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How much to put in a wedding envelope?

What does tradition say?

At a wedding, guests usually leave a contribution in the form that the bride and groom wish. They can draw up a wedding list, place an urn in their reception room, minimum of 60 € to be given, eveloppe of money. Some couples who are already settled do not make a list. Others prefer to make donations to the charity of their choice. Finally, some couples do not wish to receive a gift from their loved ones as they have incurred expenses to travel to the wedding and stay overnight after the festivities. 

Over the decades, wedding gifts have evolved. In the past, the bride’s trousseau was a way of giving the young woman the necessities to start a family. Then, the gifts became an opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant, between crockery, decorative articles or small pieces of furniture. 

Today, wedding lists include less traditional gifts, more in line with what the bride and groom really want (subscriptions, boxes, etc.). Increasingly digitalized, lists and boxes are now the most popular types of gifts. Count on a minimum of 60 € to be given to the bride and groom, which will at least reimburse the meal.

What is the average size of the wedding envelope?

The majority of guests attending a wedding give an envelope of money to the bride and groom as a gift. On average, a wedding has 105 guests and costs around €150 per guest, which is more than €15,000 in wedding expenses, not including the honeymoon and wedding rings. The bride and groom receive an average of €10,000 as a wedding gift, or about €80 to €120 per guest. This amount usually covers the honeymoon. In other countries, however, the money collected is used to pay for the wedding meal, as in Spain, where the amount of the envelope associated with the meal per person is €150. In Spain, paying a minimum of 150€ to the bride and groom is a moral obligation, and giving less will not be well received… 

On average, more than half of the newlyweds are delighted with their gifts: more than a third consider them to be generous. Few newlyweds find them insufficient. Finally, on average, there are always at least one or two guests per wedding who do not give the bride and groom any gifts. 

More and more guests are opting for the dematerialised wedding list, the best solution for the bride and groom wishing to receive money during their union. This is ideal for both the couple and their guests, who can give money in a confidential and secure way.

The amount varies according to several factors

How much to give to a wedding? It all depends on how close you are to the bride and groom. The amount of the wedding gift to give depends on how close you are. If you are not very close, a box or flowers are enough. 

The second parameter is obviously the state of your personal finances. Don’t give an expensive gift if you can’t afford it. Keep in mind that the bride and groom are not inviting you for the gift, but because they want to make their wedding a truly happy moment of sharing. It’s the gesture that counts! 

Finally, the amount given to the bride and groom will depend on whether you are present at their wedding. You will not give the same gift depending on whether you are invited to the ceremony, the vin d’honneur and/or the meal. The bride and groom will have chosen a caterer and a beautiful wedding venue for their special day. These two items will therefore incur the most significant costs for them. If you are only invited to the cocktail party, a sum of 75 to 100 € is sufficient. If you are participating in the meal, you should expect to contribute 150 or 200 €. 

In any case, the minimum that should be offered without disrespect is between 40 and 50 €.

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