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4 tips on choosing an engagement ring

As a symbol of commitment, engagement ring, A diamond ring, stones carry a symbol it is usually given by one of the two partners and not chosen by the couple as are wedding rings. But every story is unique, and every couple can do it their own way!

Choosing a handcrafted ring

A diamond ring can be found in jewellery shops from 450 euros. The most luxurious models are sold for between 1500 and 2000 euros. A handcrafted model, not necessarily more expensive, will have the advantage of being unique and can be made to measure.

Choosing the right stone

Traditionally, an engagement ring is set with a stone, whereas a wedding ring is more like a simple band. Very often set with a diamond, an engagement ring can be more original with a coloured, precious or semi-precious stone, depending on the budget: ruby, sapphire, emerald, but also turquoise or opal if these models appeal to you. Stones carry a symbol. They can be chosen for their beauty and taste, but also for the significance of their meaning in lithic language. The stone will be solitary or in trilogy according to the style of the ring.

Choosing an ethical ring

Because an engagement is a strong commitment and a declaration of love, it is preferable that it be part of a global ethical approach: make sure you give a piece of jewellery that is made with respect for human rights! Jewellery stores can assure you of the origin of the stones that set your jewellery.

Choose the gold that suits you

The ideal metal for an engagement ring is gold. It can be chosen in different shades, yellow, white, pink and even red when combined with copper. The choice should be made according to your taste and your boldness: should you opt for the classic or surprise yourself with an original model? For the little tip, yellow gold goes particularly well with dark skin. White gold suits all skin tones, and rose or red gold stands out with elegance on light skin tones.

Where to buy an engagement ring in the Ardèche?

Bijouterie Philippe Bauerlé

In the heart of Annonay, near the beautiful Place des Cordeliers, Philippe Bauerlé has been offering high quality jewellery selections for over 30 years. Discover the engagement ring collections of the Flanders jewellers, renowned for the brilliance of their diamonds, or ask Philippe Bauerlé for a customised creation. The jeweller also offers to transform a family jewel to update and personalise it: a great idea to revive an engagement ring!

Antoine Velsch

Antoine Velsch is an artist jeweller based in rue du Pont in Saint-Martin-de-Valamas. He creates original and audacious collections combining gold, silver, precious stones, leather and mother-of-pearl. He listens to your wishes and your budget to create unique engagement rings that look like you.

MSR Bijoux

MSR Bijoux has been a family-run jeweller for 5 generations and has been welcoming you since 1906 in the Ardèche, near Saint-Martin-de-Valamas. Initially specialising in 18-carat gold creations, the jeweller’s shop has diversified its offer to propose wedding rings of all styles and for all budgets. You will find models in gold of different colours, in silver, or even fancy rings.

L’atelier du Bijou

The Atelier du bijou is a new jewellery store located in Annonay. It is an elegant and welcoming place where Jérôme Louis Odouard’s creations can be seen, after having worked in Belgium before settling in Ardèche. An expert in working with different types of gold, he can create customised jewellery for your engagement, as well as a sublime collection of original creations. 

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