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10 ideas for wedding hall decoration

Floral ornaments

Flowers are a must at a wedding. Fill your wedding hall with flowers, from the centrepieces to the outside floral arrangements. Ideally, match all bouquets to the dominant colour of your wedding theme, a real plus for your venue decoration.

Brighten up the tables with bouquets of roses, make small sprays of flowers to give to each guest, place beautiful wreaths on the backs of chairs. Make floral balls to hang all over the room or to place on the floor to show guests the way to the room… A host of ideas!

Draperies and fabrics

More elegant than paper for a wedding, the fabric allows you to dress your table as well as the walls and ceilings of the reception room. Ideal for a very elegant decoration thanks to its satin effect which gives an impression of grandeur and nobility.

You can afford any colour you like, but opting for a white ceiling fabric will make the room look absolutely chic. Install curtains on the windows and bay windows, matching the drapes elsewhere.

As for the tablecloth, to enhance your room decoration, choose a satin fabric, plain or patterned.


Monograms are blocks of letters that you can use as decoration. You can opt for a monogram representing your initials, a nice way to highlight them while adding a personal touch to the room’s decoration. Letters can be bought or made: cut them out of cardboard or wood before painting and decorating them yourself.

Monograms can be placed anywhere in your wedding hall, hanging on the wall or on a door, for example. You can also choose illuminated letters to create a play of light on the ceiling and walls.

Luminous ceiling decoration

Don’t forget the high ornaments! Whether your reception is held in a castle with high ceilings or a beautiful vaulted country house with exposed beams or stonework, the ceilings must be decorated.

The decoration of your ceiling is essential for a successful party. It will add a sense of grandeur to the wedding hall: put up pretty paper lanterns or lanterns, modern style or perhaps inspired by the Asian spirit.

In addition to light, lanterns will add colour and an inimitable style. From oval to square to string lights, the choice is vast.


One way to bring a touch of delicacy and elegance to your reception hall decoration is to use garlands. To decorate the walls of the room, the centrepieces of the tables, the ceilings but also the outside, the garland is the accessory that can dress up every corner of your reception place. Garland of lights, flowers, pompoms, beads, with fabric or paper pennants…

Take advantage of the pennants to write little words like “Just married” or personalise them by writing your names on them. Choose the colour of the small banners according to your wedding theme.


Perfect for bringing a gentle wave of romance to your wedding, candles will make your wedding reception venue warm and welcoming. What a great way to make your guests spend a beautiful evening! Vary the shapes and sizes to personalise your decoration: heart-shaped candles, to be inserted in a small glass jar or in a lantern, etc.

Decorate your tables with pretty candles and the aisle leading to the room with LED candles. Finally, hang luminous candle holders above them.

Colourful vases

Place large vases all over the centrepieces, which you can dress up with a variety of accessories. Fill them with coloured glass beads, fake tropical leaves, add branches or flowers or a long candle. To add colour to the vases, don’t hesitate to put dye in the vases according to the shade you want to give them: azure blue, red to reflect passion, pink to symbolise softness and love… Everything is possible.

Another solution is to place coloured waterproof LEDs at the bottom of a vase full of water and flowers.

A lounge area

The lounge area in wedding halls is now a trendy feature. It creates a cosy atmosphere and invites your guests to relax. To set it up, choose a corner of the room. The choice of your wedding party room should be the right one: make sure it is big enough to install a lounge area.

You will also need a few sofas or poufs, comfortable cushions and a coffee table with a bunch of flowers. The lounge area will give the room a warm and elegant feel, where everyone can come and have a drink and chat with other guests.

Outside, you can also create a space on a terrace or in the garden.


Refined beads create a romantic effect in your room decoration. They can be used in many ways, both to decorate the ceiling and the doors.

At the entrance to the reception venue, you can arrange a small, welcoming archway decorated with bead curtains. Complete the decorations in the hall by hanging beaded garlands and flowers everywhere. You are sure to create a wedding hall decoration that is not only chic but also original!

Customised chandeliers

You may not have thought about it, but the chandeliers in the room can be decorated in a very personal way. Use faux diamonds or crystals for a magical light show that will delight your guests. Sophisticated and pretty at the same time, the decoration of chandeliers hanging above the tables will bring a touch of enchantment.

Whatever the theme of your wedding, you’ll find the right light for it, from modern and sleek to a more glitzy style.

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