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Wedding photographer in Ardèche

Why hire a photographer for your wedding in the Ardèche?

Do you want to keep a lasting memory of your wedding in the Ardèche? Your friends and family members will undoubtedly take out their cameras to capture the exchange of the wedding rings and your exit from the town hall. You will then be able to recover a few days later the blurred and badly framed photos taken by your Uncle Jacques and the amusing shots taken by your sister with her smartphone, on which you have always kept your eyes closed. From all these photos taken at the ceremony, there may be a few nice surprises to put in an album. The rest of the day and during the evening, the cameras will be put away in the bags, the mobiles unloaded, and the framing less and less precise… In the end, you will probably regret not having called on a professional photographer to immortalise every moment of your beautiful wedding in the Ardèche

A professional photographer at your wedding will devote himself entirely and solely to taking pictures. This is what makes the difference with your guests. The quality of the pictures will of course be incomparable. The photographer’s eye knows how to capture the little moments, the furtive glance exchanged by the couple, the sudden emotion of a parent, the laughter of the children. All your guests will benefit from this, as they will also be able to discover beautiful photos of themselves after your wedding and beautiful moments immortalised. The wedding hall rented for this special occasion will also look its best. 

During your wedding in the Ardèche, you have no doubt planned unique outfits and an exceptional beauty routine. Before the arrival of the guests, you can enjoy a photo session with your partner in a beautiful location that will highlight all the preparations. These professional photos can be printed in large format and will accompany you for the rest of your life! During the vin d’honneur or in front of the town hall, you will also be able to pose with your family and friends, and enjoy impeccable group photos from which no one will be excluded. Finally, wedding photographers offer packages that allow guests to have their photos taken as well. The photos are then displayed during the evening in a corner of the room and can be purchased individually: an opportunity for everyone to take home a souvenir of your wedding in the Ardèche! Are you looking for a magical place to celebrate your union? Discover without further ado the Ranchisses farm and its timeless reception rooms!

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The best photographers

Pierre and Julia

Pierre and Julia are a duo of wedding photographers who offer their services in the area around Privas in the Ardèche. They can accompany you from the first preparations to the next day’s brunch, with photos that will cover your entire wedding day and evening. The duo offer additional services such as drone photography and selfie booths. Contact them on +33 (0)7 49 49 10 07.

Brian photographe

Brian photographe is based in Saint-Martin d’Ardèche and offers real photo reports that will tell the story of your wedding. He also offers creative pre-wedding photo sessions in stunning natural settings. Drone shots and videos are also part of his services.

Yann Cœuru

Photographer in Vallon Pont d’Arc, Yann Coeuru offers couples, groups and individual photo sessions. He also offers to cover your wedding in the Ardèche through 6, 8, 10 or 12 hour packages, at a rate varying from 950 to 2550 euros.

Lucie, image matchmaker

Lucie Mahé is an artist photographer who has specialised in wedding photography since 2009. Awarded at the prestigious Wedding Photojournalism Association (WPJA) competition, she promises creative, spontaneous and moving shots. Based in the Drôme, she covers weddings in the Ardèche and throughout France.

L’œil de Cha

Charlène Z. Sigmond is based near Valence and offers her services as a wedding photographer throughout the Drôme and Ardèche. Discreet and smiling, she has a taste for detail and will immortalise for you the precious moments of your wedding day. She also offers beautiful black and white collections that will give your event a timeless touch.