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10 tips for decorating a wedding table

Focus on lace

Timeless, lace is a fabric that you can use for your wedding table decoration. A symbol of purity, lace allows you to dress your table with lightness and elegance. You can cover a burlap tablecloth with a delicate lace table runner. The two fabrics combine perfectly, for a vintage and very “in” effect.

Lace goes very well with other decorative elements that you can put on your centrepiece. For example, complete your table decoration by accessorising small vases with lace.

Use of geometric terrariums

Today, the fashion for small glass terrariums with geometric shapes and golden edges has taken hold at weddings. Don’t hesitate to choose various and original shapes for a more personalised centrepiece. You can put inside photophores, candles, or garlands to light them.

The combination is sure to give a modern and elegant look.

Use plant foam

Give a touch of authenticity and freshness to your table with plant moss. Natural, it will be used to decorate the various accessories on your table, ideal for a country wedding theme. If you don’t have enough natural foam, you can supplement it with synthetic foam that is more real than natural and perfectly malleable for easier use.

Line the bottom of candy dishes, wrap vases with moss ribbons or make moss balls to hang above your table on silver or gold coloured stands. Complete your foam decoration with leaves. You can also opt for dried moss.

Decorate the table with tree branches

In keeping with the idea of a nature or country wedding, create ornaments for your centrepiece with tree branches. The arrangement of the decorations can vary according to your wishes. Around the branches or on the twigs, place flowers: your table centrepiece will stand out from the crowd.

Decorative branches can be used as hanging baskets for a variety of items: candle holders, soliflores, baubles, sugared almond tubes, fairy lights, etc. You can also decorate the branches in white or silver to add a touch of elegance to the table.

Making beautiful paper lanterns

Colourful lanterns will add a touch of fun and grandeur to your reception hall. Place your lanterns on the table or make adorable paper garlands, accordions and spheres to hang over tables. Mix and match your various paper creations to create a striking ceiling decoration.

You can form lanterns of many different sizes and colours and group them into several clusters. This will create a beautiful, artistic and festive effect on the ceiling above each table.

Hanging decorative accessories

Table hangers are simple yet tasteful decorating accessories that add a touch of elegance. Place pretty white tablecloths on the tables and floral arrangements, chic candlesticks, and hang objects above the tables, such as candle holders with flowers and pretty candles.

Choose a wedding venue beforehand where you can easily install ceiling decorations. A practical venue is essential for decorating your wedding and making the day unique.

Personalising napkins

If you opt for beautiful paper cocktail napkins for your wedding aperitif, don’t hesitate to opt for fabric napkins to embellish your wedding table during the meal. The advantage of this type of napkin is that they are foldable.

Match the colour of the napkins with the decorations in the rest of the room. Roll up the napkin, fold it in four, use it as a pocket to hold the menu… or add a touch of fantasy with sophisticated swan-shaped folds or napkins decorated with a rose or ribbon. Take care of the presentation of your napkins for a successful decoration.

Choosing the right tablecloth and table runner combination

A tablecloth is a must for a wedding table! Forget the classic white tablecloth and opt for a nice coloured satin tablecloth instead of disposable paper.

A fabric tablecloth brings elegance to your table and to your entire reception room. It should be combined with a table runner in plain, striped or patterned fabric. Make a colour combination between the tablecloth and the table runner. Do not hesitate to choose a printed fabric with original colours without being too flashy.

Decorate your wedding table in a modern way with wooden letters

To make your table truly unique, place large letters made of wood, cardboard or other materials with the bride and groom on it. Write words related to the wedding or use your initials to further personalise the table.

Vary the colours and decoration of the letters according to your wedding theme. For example, you can opt for beautiful wooden letters painted in black and white if your wedding theme is “black and white”. Place garlands of lights and fake diamonds at the foot of the letters. If your decoration is more “nature” inspired, then why not cover the letters with moss?

Using candy boxes as decorative accessories

While the primary function of candy boxes is to display sweets and chocolates, you can also use them as table decorations. Use them as a centrepiece, filling them with pretty pearly shells, sand or water balls if your wedding theme is the sea.

You can also decorate them with pebbles, beads or flowers to make them stand out. Why not also use them as a support for small green plants? This will be perfect for a bucolic wedding.

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