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Original marriage proposal

Would you like to propose to your partner in a beautiful, touching, funny and in any case memorable way? Take a look at our ideas for a special proposal that will leave a lasting impression on your life! And if you are already thinking about where to celebrate your union, discover the most beautiful wedding halls to rent in the Ardèche at La Ferme des Ranchisses!

The nostalgia card

Return together to the place where you met or where you first met. For even more precision and symbolism, your proposal can also take place on your couple’s anniversary.

The demand for entertainment

Create a real scavenger hunt or treasure hunt that will lead your other half to your proposal! Adapt the idea to your tastes or to your shared memories and organise the treasure hunt in the open air with a compass in hand, simply at home, or at the various places that marked the beginning of your story, for example. Little words, riddles, and your request at the end, formulated live or written.

Marriage proposals 2.0

A recording on your Google Home assistant, the creation of a gif, a film made over a long period of time, a blog created expressly for the request, or a visual inserted among your holiday photos.

The double adrenaline rush

Take a symbolic leap together with a first flight, a parachute jump or a bungee jump! Your request can be made within this framework, with the complicity of the supervisory team or simply on landing, for a guaranteed emotional lift!

The demand for nature

Are you a regular hiker, nature walker or forest walker? Organise a trek or a beautiful walk in an exceptional natural site, after having taken care to prepare the place: a sign, flowers, lanterns, land art, or a hidden message. It can also be as simple as taking something out of your bag for an improved picnic and toasting together in front of a sublime landscape. The forests of the Ardèche are particularly suited to this kind of bucolic request.

Public display

It can be billboards at the metro exit, lighted billboards in Paris open to requests from lovers on 14 February, but also the banner pulled by an aeroplane over the beaches, or the request on the microphone of a department store.

The little surprise of everyday life

Simplicity and cuteness are the order of the day, with a declaration written in alphabet pasta, a request that appears at the bottom of a coffee cup, an inscription on your surfboard or snowboard, a love advent calendar, a message on your baby’s bodysuit, or a personalised bookmark.

The renewed flashmob

Worthy of a Hollywood scenario, the flash mob guarantees a huge surprise effect. It can be envisaged in different ways, from the most romantic to the most artistic, with the intervention of classical musicians, mimes, gospel singers or professional dancers who reveal themselves and invade the space around you little by little.

Demand from the air

The idea is to create a message that can be seen from the sky and to take your life partner on a first flight or a helicopter ride over the location of the message. Your request can be written or symbolised in chalk, in a vegetal way with land art, traced in the sand, visible on a large banner placed on the ground beforehand, or with the help of volunteers on the ground.  

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