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Thanks to the climatic conditions of the mountainous areas of the Ardèche where the pig lives and to an ancestral transmission of know-how, the Ardèche ham has become one of the local specialities. It was awarded a Protected Geographical Indication in 2010. It is first rubbed with salt, saltpetre, pepper and spices. The lean side is coated with a mixture of spices, lard and chestnut flour. This is the pannage stage. It is because of this stage that the Ardèche ham has a slightly salty and spicy taste that hides a small note of chestnut, which distinguishes it from other hams and delights your taste buds: we are in the Ardèche! It is then dried and matured for a minimum of 7 months. It is produced in more than 200 communes spread over the Ardèche mountains. In addition to ham, there are also other cured meats such as sausages, dry sausages and terrines.

Other Ardèche charcuterie products

In addition to dry-cured ham, the Ardèche is renowned for its artisanal charcuterie, which you can taste at an artisanal butcher’s, in a local market or even in a supermarket butcher’s, where you will often find fresh products from local breeders or caterers. Our regional meat products are quality products, from black pudding to sausage, from caillette to terrine or dry-cured sausage, and the same is true for poultry products!


A typical Ardèche dish, caillette is a herb pâté made with pork, spinach or chard, and sometimes salad. Ardèche caillettes can be eaten cold with a salad, or hot, accompanied by delicious potatoes for example.

The sausage

Ardéchois sausages are a good choice for an aperitif, accompanied, for example, by bread and a good local wine. You can find sausages with pepper, blue cheese or dried in ash. Various pork sausages are also made in the Ardèche.

Scratching post

Ardéchois gratton is similar to rillettes. Its name comes from the meat recovered by scraping the bones of pigs. Today, it is made of fat and lean meat with lard. It is usually eaten cold, with olives and bread.

Rolled bacon

The rolled bacon is made from pork belly. It is eaten cooked and is a perfect accompaniment to raclette. The ham is also stewed instead of dried.

Country pâté

Ardèche country pies are the pride of the local butchers. A mixture of fat, meat and pork liver, they are seasoned with various spices before being baked and glazed.

Visit the kitchens of the Ardèche restaurants, and in particular our restaurant in Ardèche to taste the best of the Ardèche charcuterie! 

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