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Cheeses from Ardèche

The Ardèche, land of cheeses

The Ardèche is a department with an impressive variety of landscapes: In the north, the Haute Ardèche, or Green Ardèche, has a temperate climate. Its high altitude landscapes are made up of forests, valleys, rivers and lakes.

To the east is the Rhone valley and its fertile land. To the south is the southern Ardèche, the Bas-Vivarais. The vegetation here is Mediterranean and dry.

To the west is the Ardèche plateau, with an average altitude of 1000m. The climate here is harsh, especially in winter. It is in these different landscapes that the Ardèche cheeses were born, influenced by the soils and vegetation of the Ardèche. They are often made from goat’s milk, in a traditional way.

Cow’s and sheep’s milk are also used. These are cheeses with character, strong in taste, which can be eaten on their own or accompanied by some Ardèche specialities. Visit a cheese factory to find out more about the making of cow’s or goat’s milk cheese and in particular the maturing process!

Goat’s cheese, hard cheese and various specialities made from local dairy products or pasteurised milk will be offered. Cheese is the farm product par excellence! Some cheeses from the Ardèche to taste.

Some cheeses from the Ardèche to taste

Picodon cheese

Emblem of Ardèche cuisine, picodon is a cheese made from raw goat’s milk. It is a soft cheese with a natural rind. It is presented in the form of a small round puck. Its taste is reminiscent of hazelnuts and it is slightly spicy. Traditionally, the farmer mixes the goat’s milk with a small amount of rennet before ladling it into the cheese. Picodon has been protected by an AOC since 1983 (also PDO).

The macerated humpback

This strong cheese is one of the best cheeses in the Ardèche. It is a cheese preparation made from the remains of goat’s or sheep’s cheese to which white wine, grape brandy and herbs such as garlic, pepper or herbs are added. It is a spreadable cheese that is also eaten with potatoes in the Ardèche.

The foudjou

Foudjou is another strong cheese spread, made from fresh goat’s cheese and dry picodon. Garlic and pepper are added, along with a little brandy and oil.

The miromando

Miromando is a cheese from the Vivarais mountains in the Ardèche. It is made from heated and drained whey, which is then dried. It is then mixed with pepper, salt, mustard and sometimes brandy.

The Rogeret des Cévennes

This cheese made from goat’s milk has a soft paste and a natural reddish rind. It is similar in shape to Picodon and has a slightly fruity taste.  You can try all these cheeses and many others (goudoulet, Coucouron, Saint-Félicien, sarassou, tomme) during your camping holidays in the Ardèche ; 

Where to taste the best cheeses of the Ardèche?

To find the best cheeses in the Ardèche, go to the many traditional Ardèche markets. Producers come to these markets and you can taste some excellent artisanal cheeses. Many producers also sell at home. Then there are excellent cheese shops where you can get advice, and finally, you can taste some of them in our restaurant in Ardèche.

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