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Ray Pic waterfall

Ray pic, a waterfall in the heart of the forest

Known as the most famous waterfall in the Ardèche, this gush of water plunges from a height of 50 metres into a translucent pool. This natural waterfall located in Péreyres is also classified as a natural volcanic site. Thousands of years ago, the Ray Pic volcano was in full activity and spat out some of the longest lava flows in Europe.

Thanks to a series of steps and a very accessible path, young and old alike can easily reach the lookout point of the Ray Pic waterfall. In less than 30 minutes, you can discover this exceptional panorama with the added bonus of the freshness of nature.

Hike to the Ray Pic waterfall

Don’t forget to bring good shoes and a water bottle before starting the ascent: it lasts about 15 minutes and can be done by any able-bodied person, but it is mainly made up of steps, which means you need to pace yourself, especially for the youngest. To reach the belvedere, park your car in the car park on the D215 and take the path starting nearby. The climb will reveal, in addition to the spectacular waterfalls, a choice viewpoint over the Ardèche mountains and the surrounding forests.