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Visit Labeaume

Labeaume, a village of character in the heart of the Ardèche

Nestled against limestone cliffs, the picturesque village of Labeaume borders the river LaBeaume, a tributary of the Ardèche. A real oasis of coolness in the middle of the garrigue, enjoy the calm of its cobbled streets.

Known for its stonework and colourful landscapes, Labeaume is also a great playground for hiking enthusiasts. Take the 140 dolmens walk to see the famous hanging gardens and the remarkable architecture of the sericulture houses (silkworm breeding).

Visit Labeaume

Don’t forget to make a diversion to the Rocher du Curée and the Notre Dame de la Délivrance chapel during your stay in a Labeaume camping or gîte. Another diversions you should not hesitate to make is to explore the village up to its summit. You will have the opportunity to admire its charming houses perched on the edge of steep streets and cobblestones, but also to pass in front of the troglodyte caves emblematic of this region. From there, you will be able to see the river Baume, the surrounding limestone cliffs and the roofs of the village. To dream by the water, the pebble beach of Labeaume, at the foot of the village, awaits you to sunbathe in complete relaxation and to bathe in the clear waters of the river in fine weather. Finally, to contemplate the village of Labeaume from an unobstructed viewpoint, consider the belvedere, which runs along the top of the cliffs and is an excellent hiking destination.

If you would like more information on the different walking routes, please go to the town hall in Labeaume.

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If you would like more information on the various walking routes, please go to the town hall in Labeaume.