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The Caverne du Pont d’Arc

A cave of extraordinary beauty

Near the Pont d’Arc, the “Grotte Chauvet”, also known as the Caverne du Pont d’Arc, plunges you into the heart of Ardèche history.

While the original cave, discovered in 1995, has since been closed to the public in order to keep it in good condition, a life-size copy was erected in 2015 and will allow you to discover the multitude of natural treasures and traces of human occupation that it houses. Amongst other things, you will discover more than a thousand cave paintings reproduced exactly as if you were walking along the 400 metres of the original cave, whose origins date back 36,000 years.

Without a doubt a must-see in the Ardèche during your camping holiday in Vallon Pont d’Arc or in lodging Vallon Pont d’Arc.

Immersion in the Paleolithic world at the Caverne du Pont d’Arc

Open your eyes wide and enjoy the show. Remarkably restored, the cave paintings of the Grotte Chauvet show the drawing and painting techniques of the Upper Paleolithic: blurring, perspective, movement and proportions. A moving immersion in the first beginnings of graphic art, enhanced by discreet and natural lighting. The

The visit ends on a high note with activities, conferences and courses offered on the site. A great way to reconnect with our prehistoric roots, by learning how to use the tools of the time or by listening to specialists in cave art.

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During your visit to the Caverne du Pont d’Arc, enjoy a fun tour based on 5 areas: the cave, the discovery centre, an educational area, an event area and a catering/shop area.

More info on www.grottechauvet2ardeche.com