General conditions of sale

General Points

CAMPING: the balance for your stay is to be paid on your arrival.

RENTED ACCOMMODATION: the balance for your stay is to be paid one month before your arrival. If you do not pay the balance within this period, your rental will be cancelled automatically. The advance payment will be retained by the office and billed.

Pets are welcome, subject to a surcharge. They must be kept on a lead, tagged, and vaccinated (category 1 and 2 dogs are prohibited). For rental accommodation, a double deposit will be required (- 10 kg).

Charcoal barbecues are prohibited, but gas and electric barbecues are allowed.

In low season, reception service is provided until 18:45 and in high season until 20:30.

Camping pitches

Pitches are charged per night from 13:00 to 12:00. Our pitches average 100 sq. m. and are intended to accommodate a maximum of 6 people each. They are all equipped with A 10 Amp power supply (waste water outlets and mains water hook ups are optional – terminals are shared between several pitches). There are two shower blocks available, one of which is enclosed and heated (disabled facilities, baby changing). A service area for motor homes.

Holiday rentals

Our rental accommodation is split into two areas: Côté Prairie (has an activity centre, and is recommended for people with reduced mobility) and Côté Terrasse (quiet and with lovely views). Rental accommodation is available from Saturday/Wednesday or Sunday/Thursday from 15:00 pm until Saturday/Wednesday or Sunday/Thursday at 10:00. Out of season arrival and departure days can be changed on request. For rented accommodation, you will be required to leave two deposits: €250.00 to cover damage and a deposit for cleaning (the amount will vary depending on the type of accommodation). The deposits will be returned upon departure after the inventory has been taken. The inventory will be taken in your presence during reception opening hours. You can allow us to do the final cleaning. Any broken crockery is to be replaced or paid for. We can send you an inventory on request.

Well-being centre rules

The well-being centre is for the use of adults over the age of 18 and young people aged 16-18 accompanied by an adult. Entry is not permitted for under 16s.

Swimming costumes are compulsory throughout the pool area.

Sportswear and a towel are required to access the gym.

The management assumes no responsibility for any equipment malfunctions caused by damage beyond our control.

Sunshine guarantee

This offer is valid for any booking of accommodation for one week or more (between 15 April and 24 September 2017) made a minimum of 3 days before the arrival date

For one-week stays, if there are 3 days or more with fewer than 2 hours of direct sunshine per day (between 10:00 and 18:00) not necessarily continuous, €100.00 in compensation will be paid directly to the client. If there are fewer than 2 hours of sunshine per day for the duration of the stay, €200.00 in compensation will be paid. For stays lasting a fortnight, if there are 6 days or more with fewer than 2 hours of direct sunshine per day, €100.00 in compensation will be paid directly to the client. If there are fewer than 2 hours of sunshine per day for the duration of the stay, €200.00 in compensation will be paid.

Analysis will be carried out by Metnext, a company affiliated to Météo France and the Caisse des Dépôts, using data collected by METEOSAT 2.

This offer is automatic and free of charge. No action is required on the part of the client.

This offer does not apply to reservations made by Works Councils or Tour Operators.


This guarantee takes effect on the signing of the rental contract and lapses on midnight on the eve of the first night of the stay. On condition that the contractual obligations are respected, this guarantee allows you to be reimbursed sums paid if your stay must be cancelled due to any circumstances set out in the comprehensive list below:

Serious illness, physical injury or death of: yourself, your spouse or common-law partner, ascendants or descendants, your legal guardian, your brothers, sisters, step-brothers, step-sisters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law. The terms serious illness and serious physical injury refer to any permanent or temporary damage to your physical well-being which has been medically diagnosed and involves the cessation of all professional or other activities.

Pregnancy-related complications.

Serious damage requiring your presence on the planned departure date and consecutive days thereafter as a result of theft, fire, water damage, damage due to natural causes that leave your main place of residence or business premises more than 50% destroyed (a statement from the insurer must be supplied).

Redundancy of yourself or your partner, as long as the redundancy process had not been started before the booking was made.

All of these reasons for cancellation must be communicated by registered letter and accompanied by all necessary documents noting the facts (an expert’s report, a police report, summons, medical certificate, or death certificate) as soon as they are available or within 3 working days at the latest following the damage or event. In all cases, booking fees will be retained.

For all stays of fewer than 7 nights, 50% of the advance payment will be refunded to the customer if the cancellation is made by registered letter more than 30 days before the arrival date. Otherwise the entire deposit will be forfeited at the campsite. In all cases, booking fees will be retained.

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