The Les Ranchisses campsite - Art guests at the campsite

When art makes a guest appearance at the campsite!

Every year, sculptures come to embellish the green spaces at the Les Ranchisses campsite. Whilst wandering around the campsite, discover a creation by Jean Bernard Millau, entitled “The Venus of Les Ranchisses.”


Whilst walking on the by the river, you will be surprised to come across two charming characters created by Louis Chipon. This sculpture entitled “Péchons, péchons du poisson” (“Let’s fish! Let’s fish for fish!”) integrates perfectly in its environment!


Regulars at the campsite will equally recognise My « Fer » Lady, on account of its being made from iron, a work by Louis Chipon which has taken up residence in the “Les Terrasses” (“Les Terrasses”) area of the campsite.

In 2016, “The Fountain” by Yzo was added to the collection


Remember to open your eyes wide during your stay and you will certainly come across one of these sculptures!

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